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History - The Serenissima Repubblica began its expansion on the mainland in the 15th century, after it had settled its disputes with Padua.
The area stretching from the mouth of the river Brenta on the lagoon edge to the city of Padua, later known as Riviera del Brenta, underwent extensive land reclamation leading to a profound landscape, social, and economic transformation of what had been mainly marshes and wetlands.
At the time, Venice was at the apex of its maritime power, and the Venetian patricians were able to invest considerable capital in their mainland agricultural estates.
The best architects were called in to design the stately country homes, a far cry from the traditional farmhouse, so splendid that a new name was coined for them - villa.
The result was stunning, almost a replica of the Grand Canal, sometimes even on a grander scale. The river banks boast mansions that have with their environment the same communion typical of the palaces built in Venice.
River navigation was for many centuries the easiest and most frequented way between Venice and Padua, and the river was crowded daily with all sorts of boats, the most famous being the Barca di Padua and the sumptuous Burchiello.
Navigation began at St. Marks Square, and after crossing the Venetian lagoon, the boats gained the river Brenta and touched the various towns and villages along the Riviera: Malcontenta, Oriago, Mira, Dolo, Fiesso dArtico, Str, Noventa, all the way to the steps of the Portello landing stage in Padua. In the course of time, navigation along the Brenta was abandoned in favour of road transport, and the river lost all the once- booming activities that had been connected with it. Only in mid-20th century did the old magic of the villas experience a revival, and with them life was brought back to the river.
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