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The Gran Paradiso National Park was born from the transformation and development of an ancient royal hunting reserve of 1856, instituted in 1922. It is administrated, as of 1947, by the corporation of the Gran Paradiso National Park. It extends over 70 thousand hectares within the regions of Aosta Valley and Piedmont.

Valle Orco
Valle Soana
Valle di Cogne
Valle di Rhmes

Ibex, Marmots and Chamois are easily seen; also present in the park are Eagles, Gipeto, and amongst the more important predators are the ever increasing signs of lynx and wolf.

Alpine ibex (Capra ibex ibex) - The ibex, symbol species of Gran Paradiso National Park, lives in the plains at high altitude and on the rocky valley walls. The alpine ibex was threatened with extinction at the end of the 19th century and it survived only in the valleys that today make up the Gran Paradiso National Park. The ibex is the object of particular attention and protection by the park and many research and conservation projects have been dedicated exclusively to it.

Cross-country skiing, ski touring, ski mountaineering and telemark skiing, excursions with snow shoes, ice climbing and also fantastic touring routes, trekking, climbing, mountain biking and horse-riding in a breath-taking natural scenario, in an unspoiled environment surrounded by local wildlife. In this section of the Catalogue, discover the wide choice of all-year-round activities you can enjoy in the Gran Paradiso Park, guided and accompanied by professionals and the special Guides of the Park.

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