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Situated in the middle Valley, on the orographic left side of the Dora Baltea glacier river, Nus extends from 500 m above sea level to the altitude of 3504 m of the Becca di Luseney. Although its name is of Latin derivation (ad nonum lapidem ab Augusta Praetoria), there is no doubt that Nus has much more ancient origins, judging from the traces of settlements which date from the Bronze Age and even from the Pre-historic Epoch. Between the 11th and 12th centuries, Nus was the seat of one of the most important Seigniories of the Valley, that of the "Seigneurs de Nus", who built a castle, known as the Castello di Pilato, which was then to burn down almost completely.
Legend has it that the ex Roman procurator stayed there during his journey to Vienne, in France, where he had been exiled by the Emperor Caligola. At the end of the 1500s, another castle was to be adapted and enlarged, the castle known today as the Castello dei Seigneurs. The castle then passed to the House of Savoy when, at the end of 1736, the Family of the Seigneurs de Nus died out due to the lack of heirs. Nus can also boast of some constructions of artistic importance. Amongst these, the Parish Church of Saint-Barthelemy and the Church of Sant'Ilario.

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