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Small and typical mountain village, in a splendid sunny position, Allein (1250 m) is situated on the western part of the Artanavaz valley. The cross-roads to Allein is on the way from Gignod and Etroubles.
What to visit - In the village of Ayez is the famous house-monument dating back to the XV c. and built by stones almost without the use of mortar. The house has very interesting stone-windows with the typical shape of overturned keels.
Another house-monument, this one of the XVI c. is in Allamanaz.
The name of Allein seems to come from the latin "Ad lignum", probably becouse of the typical wood-carving, evidence that this tradition that is still alive, especially during the long winter months, dates back to Roman times.
Walks - Don't miss the walk to Mont Saron (2631 m), not difficult to be reached: from here you can have the wonderful view over the whole Gran San Bernardo Valley. The path starts in Ville, passes near Bruson and reaches the peak of Mont Saron. On the way back it passes from Cormet and, through a suggestive forest, it gets to Dayllon. This also the route of "Processione di San Pietro e Paolo", holy procession dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, held on June.
Allein is made even more charming by the large choice of accommodation facilities on offer.

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