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The name of San Venanzo first appears in the Byzantine period, in historical annals dating to the 8th century. In the 13th century San Venanzo entered the sphere of attraction of Orvieto which nominated the podestÓ and castles and towers bear witness to this period. Of note is the Sunctuary of the Madonna della Luce in Collelungo. At present, the territory of San Venano stretches out over circa 170 square km, much of which is wooded.
The inhabitants are scattered in urban settlements subdivided into 8 fractions. Crafts are of particular importance with small workshops which produce wrought iron, shoes, pavements with the famous "Assisi Stone" and wooden door and window frames. There are also engineering firms and printworks, others that deal with hunting and fauna, and clothing manufacture. The ComunitÓ Montana oversees the territory with reforestation, the marking of trekking trails, hydrogeological control, etc. The extinct volcano of San Venanzo is of enormous interest for scolars. About 265,000 years ago it produced "venanzite", a rare lavalike stone. Not far from the marvelous park of the "Sette Frati", 800 meters, is a farm for the production of alternative meats managed from Italian forestry corps.

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