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San Gemini is a fascinating medioeval village, set on the Umbria hills. It is situated in panoramic position: visitors can admire a beautiful landscape. The town and surrounding area of San Gemini offers history, art and nature. Enjoying the favour of the Papal State, it became a township, and representing a road junction of vital importance for comunication with Rome to the north, the town became a primary center of culture, art and religion.
The abbeys of St. Nicol and St. Gemine, now a cathedral, the churches of St. Giovanni with its antique baptistery of the 8th century and of St. Francesco of the 13th century, as well as the Palace of the capitano del Popolo and the mighty city walls, which largely still exist, testify to this fact. The Square of St. Francesco, which is the town's largest square, is dominated by the turreted mole of Canova Palace, testimony of the great sculptor's long stay at San Gemini. Numerous other historical remains such as the quiet chapel of St. Maria de Incertis and the churches of St. Maria Maddalena and St. Stefano, and architectonic beauties such as mighty towers, tower-houses, steps, arcades, bastions, sustaining small bridges and austere buildings, added to the proximity to the beautiful Roman city of Carsulae and to the Baths whose mineral waters take the town's name, all contribute to make San Gemini a jewel which makes the visitor who passes within its small lanes and gradually discovers its various facettes marvel and filled with admiration.

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