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The town of Attigliano is located in the south-western territory of Umbria and it is situated in panoramic position on the Valley of the Tiber. Its name comes from the latin word "Ad Tilium", meaning throughout countries with plenty of limes. Tourism, which benefits by the vicinity of the "Sole" motorway and the presence of hotels and restaurants, offers new resources and occasions for development. The origins of Attigliano date back to Etruscan times as various archaeological finds have testified, as the discoveries of chamber-tombs and found at Marziano and Jana.
The present day village has medieval origins (11th - 12th cent.) and its history was determined by the passing of many noble families (the Borghese, the Orsini and the Alviano). In the 15th century it became part of the Papal State and remained under its rule until it is annexed into the Kingdom of Italy (1860). SIGHTS TO SEE: The Castle, constructed for order of the count Offredo during the middle ages. It is composed of five circular towers and a pentagonal watchtower. Piazza Rocca, whose style is maily late renaissance, where a bell-tower still survives. The Modern Parish Church of the Martyr St. Lorenzo, which is characterised by some artistic glass windows and a bronze portal by the sculptress Nadia Rognoni.

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