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Nocera Umbra in the center of a mountainous region, was placed on a rock outcrop to guard the confluence of the Topino River and the consular Flaminian Way, a road. Since the first Castellieri of the Umbro people, man has integrated well with the surrounding environ-ment. The view of the fortified Nocera, today with its 6300 inhabitants, gives witness to its ancient role in defense. Nocera Umbra is built with concentric streets that rise upwards towards the top of the hill on which the tower stands, the only remnant of the great Fortress that dominated the city.
The hilly and mountain-ous terrain of the Nocera Umbra territory and the structural traces of the castles and fortresses built in the past speak of a tendency towards economic and social autonomy which is still alive in the people today. The famous water of Nocera Umbra, the particularly beautiful natural setting and modern means of transportation are favoring a growing tourist industry. Nocera Umbra is 60 km from Perugia and 170 km from Rome.

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