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Located in the northern part of Umbria, 43 km from Perugia, Montone seems to be settled on two dominant hills in the Upper Tiber Valley. To the northeast are the impressive heights of Mount Catria and Mount Nerone. Travelling along narrow, winding roads one comes to Montone enclosed within the powerful medieval wall with its antique gates (Borgo and Verziere and what remains of the Gate of the Mount). From the two highest points in the city, the hills of St. Francis and St. Mary, one can enjoy the view of the valley with its altemating fields, woods, waterways, paths, churches, forts and small urban settlements. In this context, the recent period of building shows the changes that the territory has undergone over time.
Quiet and tranquility are the main prerogatives of the city where cars remain outside the wall. It is an ideal place for someone seeking rest and peace. In addition to having its own important cultural and artistic patrimony, Montone is located very close to the cities of art of Gubbio, Citt di Castello and San Sepolcro.

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