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With its imposing medieval Lombardi tower and picturesque Cavalieri castle, Magione stretches across a hill situated between the river Perugina and lake Trasimeno. From here, miles of breathtaking scenery can be admired. At the foot of the hills lies a race track, where competitions on a national level are held. Magione was homeland to Friar Giovanni di Pian del Carpine who was fascinated by idea of long journeys and in 1245 he left for the Orient. Fifteen months later he arrived in China at the court of the Grand Khan of the Tartars. Upon his return he wrote "Historia Mongolorum" (History of the Mongolians).
Sights to see: Castle of the Knights of Malta (1000), which dominates the valley beneath to this day. The Lambardi Tower (1200), so called in memory of the killing in its vicinity of the nobleman Marcello Lambardi, whose family were the proprietors of the tower in those time. The Church of San Giovanni Battista (1500), dedicated to the patron. The Church of Madonna delle Grazie that retains a beautiful fresco (1371) by Andrea da Orvieto.
The scenic villages San Feliciano, Agello, Monte del Lago and Montecolognola belong to the commune of Magione.

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