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Gualdo Tadino, famous for its ceramics industry and art, lays on Sant'Angelo hill dominated by the castel Rocca Flea. This fine town is set amidst olive groves at the foot of Mount Serra Santa on the Via Flaminia. Its name comes from the Lombard word Wald, meaning wood. Nowadays little remains of the woodland that once covered the town area but at least the ancient wall (1242) and the fine Rocca Flea (13th - 14th c.) have remained intact. Gualdo's typically medieval appearance has survived despite the earthquakes of September 1997 and April 1998.
The visit of Gualdo Tadino has a number of artistic attractions: first of all the castle, named Rocca Flea, realized in the XIII century for order of Federico II. Among the other churches, there are the Dome of San Benedetto (XIII century) with its interesting facade on which a rose-window opens and the church of San Francesco, a marveous gothic building, decorated by Matteo di Gualdo, which was born in Gualdo Tadino.

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