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Campello sul Clitunno is a small agricultural centre of the Valle Umbra north of Spoleto. Its economy, traditionally agricultural (oil, wine, tobacco and grain) has in more recent times been integrated with tourist activities tied, in particular to the beauty of the places surrounding the Springs of Clitunnus, clear spring-waters that design a marvellous scenery and create an atmosphere of unbelievable serenity. Just ahead of the Fonti is Tempietto del Clitunno, a stupendous Paleo-Christian construction belonging to the V century.
The district of Campello, already inhabited by the Umbrians was never dominated by one main tribe, but was always (like present day) made up of small villages and castles scattered throughout the countryside and the wooded areas. Leaving the town going North-East and climbing a hill you arrive to Campello Alto: the village derives its name from that of a castle built by Campello Rovero, Baron of Borgogna, in the 11th century. In Campello, you can visit the churches of St. Maria della Bianca and St. Maria di Costantinopoli, the Castle and the church in Campello Alto. Furthermore, the churches of S. Lorenzo, S. Sebastiano, the Convent of the Barnabiti and the Villa castello in Lenano. You can also enjoy a splendid view of the Umbrian valley from the peak of the Monte Serano (1428 m).

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