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Bevagna is located 35 km from Perugia and 148 km from Rome and is a short distance from the present-day Flaminian Way. Connected to the neighboring centers of Foligno and Todi, one can also reach the city by another interesting route that connects Perugia to Spoleto and which crosses the territories of Bettona and Montefalco. The surrounding city wall with its many towers and bastions has its medieval gates and more recent passageways that lead into the historical center.
Inside the wall, despite successive works, the predominant look of Bevagna is still that of a medieval city where the handcraft tradition is still alive in the workshops that open onto the characteristic narrow streets, with the monuments and, above all, the splendid piazza where the main religious and civil buildings are located. Friezes and Roman columns make the city even more priceless as it still has visible traces of its history. The populated area of the ancient Roman city of Mevania coincides almost perfectly with the medieval and modern city as seen in the tracts of the Roman wall that appear below the medieval one.
The network of streets that face Corso Amendola and the semicircular pattern of the area indicates the zone where the theater was once located. In more recent times, urban development of Bevagna has extended outside the wall into an area which was once a part of the Roman city and where important ruins have been unearthed.

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