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The town of Amelia is located on a rocky hilly ridge between the fertile valleys of the Tiber and Nera Rivers. In addition to agriculture, its economy is tied to small and medium industrial activities that are above all specialised in the food sector. The histoy of Amelia is as old as legend is. Cato dated the foundation of Amelia to 1134 BC but recent archaeology suggests it is a good deal older. Today Amelia is a dynamic and modern town, which is conscient of the enormous value of its artistic and archeological wealth.
To see: the Church of San Pancrazio, the Church of San Francesco and the Dome, which, although modified during baroque age, date the first half of XI century, as still testified by the bell tower. Finally the church of Madonna delle Cinque Fonti, where San Francesco from Assisi rested. Remarkable also the palaces Farrattini e Petrignani (XVI century), erected during the seignioury age.

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