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Nature - Val di Fassa is characterized by luxuriant vegetation covering most of its land, from the valley line up to the upper mountain meadowlands. It therefore represents an extraordinary green lung of considerable environmental value. Val di Fassa is extremely rich in wild flowers, from the edelweiss which arrived in the Dolomites during the ice age, to dwarf rhododendrons, alpine orchids and Tyrolean cowslips which are found on the rocks. In the lower meadows, just around the urban settlements, there is a rich diversity of small flowers. Especially on the sunny sides of the mountains and in the wetlands near the Avisio river.
Wildlife - Almost the whole area is inhabited by roe deer, which are easy to encounter during an excursion. They are also to be found grazing in the meadows near the villages, often at sunrise and sunset. Roe deer live at a high altitude and there are still areas where it can breed. Deer, as recently as a few decades ago was considered to be in danger of dying out. Happily their numbers are now increasing after reintroduction to the Paneveggio Nature Park. The ibex was also brought back in 1978, on the Monzoni chain. The mouflon was brought back illegally in the 70s in some areas of the valley. The most common animals are the fox, the hare, the mountain hare, the squirrel, the marmot, the pine marten, the beech marten and the badger. Finally, there are about ten eagles and many other species of predatory birds.
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