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There are seven districts at an altitude of between 1200 and 1450 metres. Moena is the largest town followed by Sorga, Vigo, Pozza, Mazzin, Campitello and Canazei.
In winter as in summer, the mountains and the landscape remain the principle reason for holidays in the area, foreign and national visitors dedicate more and more time to the discovery of the rich heritage of history, tradition and culture of the Val di Fassa.
Like the other valleys lying around the Sella Group such as Gardena, Badia and Livinallongo, Val di Fassa is inhabited by the Ladins, a proud people with a thousand years' history, custodians of the Dolomites, today an ethnic minority whose art and culture are protected by the hard work of the Ladin Cultural Institute now supported by the Fassa Ladin Museum. Alongside the Ladin language, which includes numerous variants from village to village, Ladin history is well worth knowing.
It is worth investigating, out of curiosity or from a scientific point of view, the geological history of the unique mountains. They were created from the depths of the Tetide Sea, 250 million years ago after tremendous upheavals in the Earth's crust. The Valle di Fassa lies among the Monti Pallidi (Pale Mountains), which are transformed at dawn and sunset by the warmest of colours reflecting the sun's rays on the rock faces to create a unique phenomenon, the "Enrosadira", a tangible expression of the magical, enchanting atmosphere to be sampled here, every time as if it were the first.
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