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Sovicille rises on the eastern part of the Sienese Montagnola and has played a remarkable role in the history of Rebublic of Siena.
One of the main monuments of the Sovicille area is the Church Ponte allo Spino (dedicated to St. John Baptiste), romanic building with three naves close to the remains of a gothic cloister.
Impossible to name all the castles, palaces, small churches, the tower-houses, the historical settlements spread in Sovicille area, from the tangle of forests of the Montagnola up to the valleys (Montarrenti, Palazzo al Piano, Brenna, Tonni and then Simignano, San Giusto a Balli, Pernina and thousands of others). Each one is worth to be visited not only for the countryside but also for the knoledge of the history of the land and the people living here. Last, but not least, the river Merse, one of themost beautiful of this region, and the stream Farma, flowing through a very interesting naturalistical area; they are visited all year round by fishers and, in summer, by tourists looking for a pleasant place where to bathe.

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