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Once a fief of the Sienese bishops in the 13th century, the Commune of Murlo is one of the most singular and charming spots in the Province of Siena. In fact, its seat is not in the village of Murlo itself, but in nearby Vescovado, and it is immersed in dense woods parted by the Crevole river.
The actual fortified village of Murlo, consisting of the imposing bishop's palace and its courtyard, has been expertly restored and is now centred on the magnificient Antiquarium, where the archaeological finds from the greatly significant site of Poggio Civitate are gathered. However, you must not let the visit to the museum make you forget to stop at the ruins of Crevole Castle, whose cleft tower rises up blade-like from the dark green of the holm oaks to cut sharply into the sky.

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