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Monteroni d'Arbia is in Via Francigena, the road to Rome. It held a strong central position in Europe in 1100. An agriculturalproduction centre of the ancient Republic of Siena, it preserves the sign of its most important monument in the imposing medieval fortified mill from the beginning of the fourteenth century, of which the original structure is nearly intact, with its brick keep and mill-pond. The splendid massive structure of Cuna farm rises on the road from Siena, a beautiful example of a medieval fortified grain tower (13th century), originally belonging to the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala which used it as a massive container for grain.
The pleasant mixture of old and new make it distinctive, a pleasing contrast which gives a touch of charm to this small town in the heart of Valdarbia. The area is full of rich suprises. The churches, the towers and mansions, the villas and castles, for example the one at San Fabiano, give an idea of its variety and richness. The hilly scenery is splendid; scattered trees and solitary farm-houses, vast expanses of fields cultivated with cereals and white roads which wind their way in the surrounding countryside.

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