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On the western zone of Val di Chiana rises Monte San Savino. The village borns from the occupation of an ancient and abandoned takeover from Goti and Longobardi until when in the High Middle Ages left plains in order then settle on hills easier to defend. In this period became a castle almost entirely encircled by walls and in due course a populos community. It was the native town of the great Renaissance sculptor Andrea Contucci know as Sansovino that was responsibile for the transformation of the city and it was native town also of Pope Giulio III.
Monte San Savino is a rich country with archeological and architectural depositions. There are many buildings of medieval and renaissance origin, like the church of San Giovanni Baptist, the gothic church Agostino with Vasari's works, the Loggia del Mercato, the church of Santa Chiara with the works of Sansovino and robbiana's school. Near Monte San Savino we can find many different places to visit: Alberogo, Gargonza, Montagnano, Palazzuolo, Verniana and the Vertighe.

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