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The municipality of Pergine Valdarno in the Upper Valdarno valley stretches for 46,68 kmq and it occupies the hills forming the watershed with Val di Chiana valley southwards and Val d'Ambra valley northwards and the bottom of the valley along the Arno river, and a large valley rich in cultivations and woods, crossed by the streams Scerfio and Trove. Castle already since the XI century, it became chief town of the community in 1774. The ruins of the castle are today incorporated in this small village.
To see at Pergine Valdarno: the Pieve of San Pietro in Presciano, the Church of San Michele Arcangelo in Pergine, the sanctuary of Madonna della Neve in Migliari, the Natural Reserve of Valle dell'Inferno and Bandella, the Industrial Archeological Museum. The territory of Pergine Valdarno is part of the route of the oil. The route of the oil starts ideally from the Montozzi Castle, it crosses the wood and its typical settlings of villas and farm-houses, it reaches Pieve a Presciano after crossing the farming plain of the Scerfio, it meets the old Spinning-mill, it goes up over the beautiful wooded crests until the farm-house of Montelucci, it goes down again toward Pergine and Poggio Bagnoli reaching Montozzi where the ring closes up and starts again. From this ring start radially many other routes and little streets connecting the route of the oil with all the other parts of the territory, allowing us to choose between different places for having a little halt, eating, sleeping, to know the local culture and traditions, the historical, architectural and archaeological characters, to appreciate the vitality of farm-holidays, craftsmanship, commerce and industry.
Because of its average height, the area of Pergine Valdarno is on the limit of the belt of olive-tree growing: on its hills, as a matter of fact, the winter is quite early and cold, but the difficulties of maturation of the olives are just what gives to Pergentino oil its exceptional characters listing all the qualities of Tuscan oil: a beautiful green colour, an equilibrate and penetrating flavour, a sourish taste.

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