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The Municipality of Cavriglia was born on 17th March, 1809 with the first meeting of the Municipal Council. In it, by decree of the napoleonic government, were incorporated the populations of Montaio, Montegonzi, Castelnuovo and Meleto, which had earlier formed part of the Avane League. Its territory lies on the eastern slopes of the Chianti hills, in the Upper Valdarno and is crossed by several streams that run towards the river Arno. In the vicinity of Santa Barbara, at the artificial lake of San Cipriano, water sports and bathing can be enjoyed in a welcoming ambiance.
Today Cavriglia, through the careful management of is territory and the new social conditions which result from the recent economic and cultural rebirth, re-discovers the importance of its artistic and historical roots and proclaims them also for the development of tourism. Among our hills one can make long outings on foot, on bicycle or on horseback, on paths and tracks which enable one to visit the Natural Park and to wander among the thousands of roses in the Fineschi rose-garden, a truly living museum. But we have much more: art, culture, a welcome and a country cordiality.
In village after village are to be discovered and deciphered the signs of the past and the glories of other times; in chapels and age-old churches are hidden little-known masterpieces. Yet we do not want Cavriglia to be a picture post- card landscape, even if one lives well there, and the constantly increasing population, especially of young people, is a happy proof of that. In the last years Cavriglia has also become the land of artists who, living or working here, enrich the life of this community. Whosoever comes to Cavriglia, even for a short while - and we should invite all to do so - will value a life-style which is surprisingly on a human scale and will find a network of painstaking and pleasing welcome.

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