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The town of Serravalle Pistoiese extends across the gentle slopes of Montalbano in natural and harmonious surroundings. The district, characterized by the hilly areas where the villages of Castellina, Serravalle and Vinacciano are set, extends, together with the villages of Cantagrillo and Casalguidi, into the low-lying area which features the Stella stream.
In recent years, the district of Serravalle Pistoiese has experienced a strong economic impulse partly due to the nusery-market gardens in the low-lying areas of Casalguidi and Cantagrillo, which have replaced the more traditional cultivation of olives and vines.
The antique agricultural tradition is still widespread in the hilly areas, where the characteristic images of the Tuscan scenery still survive.
At present, as regards the sector of manufacturing, the traditional craftwork of embroidered linen and is very prosperos.

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