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Magra Valley is a melting pop of many different cultures. The area is surrounded by Liguria and Tuscany. Its incredibly varied landscape is characterized by the presence of rivers, mountains and areas by the sea side. In the nearby areas there are some well known locations, which are also major tourist attractions like Cinque Terre or Versilia and other spectacular locations like the marble rocks of Carrara and Garfagnana. The Magra Valley is rightly dubbed a "boundary region", because its two provinces belong to two different regions: La Spezia is in Ligury, while Massa-Carrara belongs to Tuscany.
However, Magra Valley has also its own cultural and historical identity and independent feel its inhabitants. By Magra Valley it is usually meant the area of the Magra River and of its tributaries, a region partly coinciding with the Lunigiana, historical region occupied by old Luni's diocese. The Magra river shaped this land and is thus a common feature in a great variety of landscapes: going up the river one goes from Ameglia, old medieval village near the sea, to Pontremoli, elegant little town up in the mountains.
From the rocky cost of Ligury, or from the flat Tuscan beaches, one can quickly reach the Appennini and the jagged peaks of Alpi Apuane, travelling through green plains rich in old castles and in medieval towns. Most of the centres are located along the Magra River, which is a great resort for fishing and can be explored by boat. The whole valley is a wonderful, variegated countryside rich in gardens, olive trees and pine-trees (in the plains), oaks, chestnuts and ash-trees (on the mountains); it offers a chance for living in a green and uncontaminated nature, between the sea and the mountains.
At Magra Valley, there is tourist accommodation available in hotels, farm holiday, farmhouse, residence self-catering accommodation, b&b, rooms for rent, holiday homes, camp sites and tourist villages.

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