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Since 1977 Gambassi Terme has brought its name up to date and renewer its overall appearance after thousands of years of agricultural and artisan tradition, by means of its thermal waters. The area of Gambassi Terme has been populated at least from the Neolithic period, as attested by retouched splinters in red jasper found in several places (Gambassi, Camporbiano, Boscotondo, S. Cristina). Population was particularly dense in the period going from the Arcaic Etruscan Age (7th century B.C.) to the Late Roman Period (3th century A.C.).
Recently at Germagnana a medieval glass factory, active around 1300, has come to light. It consisted in a fritting furnace and 4 working furnaces and the whole formed a little handicraft center, where some of the "bicchierai" (beaker makers) of Gambassi Terme, famous and in great demand in whole Italy, lived and worked. Hitherto we were informed of this important glass production only from the written sources, but now we know also production sites, furnaces and products (beakers and bottles). The archaeological founds are visible in the Palazzo Civico and in the seat of the Archaeological Group.

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