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The municipality spreads out over prevalently agricultural hill country, with two areas of particular naturalistic interest on either side (the Montalbano and the Padule). Houses and built up areas are scattered throughout the countryside and the rural landscape is still characterized by the traditional vineyards and olive groves. The farmhouses, farms, villas and small churches that dot this well kept landscape that has remained practically unchanged are typical of the Tuscan hillside country.
Historically, Cerreto Guidi first appears in 780. The name of Cerreto in Greti continued to be used up to 1079 when it was changed as a result of the dominion of the Guidi counts.
In 1085 their power became purely nominal in favor of the Florentine Republic. The end of the feudal period coincides with the cession of Cerreto Guidi to the Florentines in 1273. From then on, the vicissitudes of Cerreto Guidi were part and parcel of those of Florence.
Of prime importance in the history of Cerreto Guidi, in that it deeply conditioned the future, was the 16th century, in the course of which the name of the city was bound to that of the Medicis.

Medici Complex

Medici Complex - Photo by G. Pierozzi aut. SMA

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