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Probably there were Etruscan inhabitants on the spot where the town of Vicopisano rises nowadays. Undoubtely, this area went through a period of growth during the X century, and the former vicus (undefended place) changed into castellus, an inhabited area sheltered by fortifications and centre of various activities. Initially, the town was subjected to the episcopal authority of Pisa. During the XII Century Vicopisano became a basic element of the military organization of the Republic of Pisa until 1406, when the town fell under the Florentine rule. Owing to its strategic location, Vico was fortified by the Florentines as well, who charged Filippo Brunelleschi with this taste. Fortunately, there still are well-preserved traces of such an important past in and about the town, that deserve be visited very carefully, especially during the "Festa Medievale" which takes place every summer. It is worth visiting the Church of Santa Maria (XII century). Besides being well-preserved, it is adorned by the most ancient frescos of the district of Pisa. Inside the town, a series of lanes wind, thus arousing fine and evocative sights that one may discover simply going for a walk. The town of Vicopisano is surrounded by remarkable natural beauties that are to be found up the Mountains around Pisa.
The local flora is tipically Mediterranean: holm-oaks, oaks, chestnuts and pines. Oil-growing producing excellent oil is typical. Visitors may practise several sports, such as walking, riding and mountain-bikes. There is a noteworthy spa in the town of Uliveto Terme, where the visitors may benefit from thermal-cares. The environs of Vicopisano are equally interesting: within the range of few kilometers there are Romanesque churches and the ancient stroughold named "della Verruca", that is still in a good state. Furthermore there is San Michele's Monastery, which is seat of archaeological excavations at present.

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