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Created in the 11th century around the parish church of the same name, San Piero a Sieve derived its importance from the Postal Road which crossed through it. Until the 18th century this was the only postal road which from Florence lead to Bologna. Once property of the Ubaldini, it soon fell into the possession of the Medici, who saw to increasing its population and who favoured its urban development by constructing, in the town and its environs, some of their residences.
San Piero a Sieve, still today, preserves its ancient aspect, with narrow and winding alleyways and elegant buildings, such as the Adami Palazzo, the Schifanoia Villa, the San Martino Fortress on the top of the hill and the Parish church of San Pietro, the most important religious building in the town and one of the most ancient parish churches in the whole of the Mugello area.
A few kilometres from San Piero a Sieve, there is the Monastery of Bosco ai Frati which, founded by the Ubaldini before the year thousand, is considered to be one of the oldest in Tuscany.

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