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Pitigliano seen at sunset from the church of the Madonna delle Grazie that was built as an offering during the plague of 1527, is an unforgettable sight.
Even the air is permeated with the civilizations and cultures that changed through the unpredictable logic of time: the prehistoric; the Etruscan; the Roman that unified different peoples under a single order; the Medieval world of the Aldobrandeschis, that ruled over the Maremma for about five hundred years; the Renaissance grandeur of the noble Orsini family of Rome; the Medicis and the Lorraines. Just 3,500 years! The village is dominated by the Orsini palace-fortress.
Inside the palace there is a museum containing archeological finds and artworks from Statonia. The sixteenth century church of Santa Maria is at Capisotto, while the baroque cathedral stands in the square named for Gregory VII. The Jewish Synagogue is at the "ghetto".

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