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Orbetello rises on a small peninsula, it is surrounded by the Eastern and Western lagoons and is divided by an artificial dam connecting Orbetello to the Argentario Promontory since 1841. The two lagoons are enclosed by two strips of land called Feniglia and Giannella tombolos, here tourists find kilometres of enchanting beaches. Orbetello is positioned in an unique and wonderful place, unique like its topography is, as it looks like a ship prow anchored in the quiet lagoon waters and connected to the promontory through the artificial dam, like a gangway to land.
Raffaele Del Rosso calls Orbetello "Citta Anadiomene", that is town rising from waters, using a Gabriele D'Annunzio judgement on Venice. Just for this typical geographical shape, Orbetello has always been considered in the centuries a conquest land, being under rule of Aldobrandeschi, Spaniards, Austrian, French, Lorena and, at the end of the 3 Fountains Abbey. The origin of the name is still uncertain and mysterious: Orvelus (Round Town), Urva Tellus (Herbs Town), Urbis Tellis (Town of Town) Perhaps hadn't the Piccinino destroyed the Record Office too in 1455, maybe some doubts could be removed by now.
Giannella Tombolo, strip of land between the lagoon and the sea, side overlooking the western lagoon, we admire small islands. These are now the usual residence for a big variety of migratory birds. Here the pink flamingo stays, it is a creature of rare beauty which increases this already charming landscape. Just in the middle of the Tombolo, WWF runs a center of environment education in a '600 Spanish farmhouse. From the sea side the Tombolo stretches out for kilometers of fine sand till the mouth of Albegna, the Tombolo is separated from the road which crosses it by strips of thick Mediterranean scrub.
If now we go back to the dam and turn to left, we meet the second Tombolo, the so-called Feniglia. It stretches out for six kilometers from Argentario to mainland and it's the seat of a naturalistic forest preserve, You can go there only by feet or byke and it will be difficult to forget those typical feelings of peace and stillness. Feniglia is the uncontested kingdom of the most varied shades of green and of the Mediterranean scrub own pleasant fragrances. These fragrances are strengthened by the shady luxurious pinewood nearby. A lot of animal species live here in freedom, as they are protected. Therefore it is easy to meet deers while feeding on gravel roads.

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