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The municipality of Magliano consists of eight towns, Magliano in Toscana being the main one. Montiano and Pereta are the next largest towns, followed by the smaller localities of Sant'Andrea, Cupi, Collecchio, Poderone, and Alberese Scalo.
Situated right in the heart of the Maremma area, the delightful knolls of Magliano in Toscana descend gently towards the sunny plains of Uccellina and Albegna. The scenery changes here, giving way to a marvellous glimpse of the sea and of the whole of the Argentario peninsula; this stretches out beyond the dense curtain of pine trees which runs from the mouth of the Osa river up to Case Rosse Saline, where the expansive Giannella sandbar begins to bend in a moon-shaped arc, concluding its immense sand curve at Santa Liberata.
Magliano in Toscana, small but full of life, is surrounded by the silver greenery of the old olive trees, as well as being girded by the Sienese walls made in warm-coloured bricks, dating back to the fifteen-hundreds. It is a pleasurable walk inside these old town walls and along the alleyways, where every corner tells its little bit of history. There is the Porta di San Giovanni, dating precedent to the domination of Siena, and then there are two palaces, the Checco il Bello palace, and the palazzo dei Priori on the Corso Garibaldi. The parish church, the church of San Giovanni Battista goes back to the Roman era, and there are also other various historical churches and the formerly mentioned ancient Sienese town wall.
Not to be missed is the church of the SS. Annunziata, which houses Magliano's most precious belonging; set upon the high altar is La Madonna che allatta il Bambino, one of the most beautiful works by Bartolomeo di Lando, also known as Neroccio (1447-1500). Moving on to the church of San Martino, dating back to the year 1000, one may enjoy an array of frescos from the Siena school. The church of San Giovanni Battista is in Romanesque style touched with an element of Gothic. After having visited these numerous attractions, you may also enjoy the Maremma cuisine in one of the many wine bars and trattorie restaurants. The cuisine consists of authentic dishes full of flavour, and all are, obviously, accompanied by a good wine.

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