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It has been and is still considered today the headquarters of the Maremma. Its name has a dual significance: Grosseto is in fact the largest (gross) center in the area and at one time had the most power according to its historical events.
At its height of splendor, it was under the reign of the Aldobrandeschi, then to the Medici family and finally, the arrival of Leopoldo II of Lorena who accomplished the actual restoration and clearing of the land and marked the beginning of industrialization.
For these reasons, the town's people erected a statue of him in the Cathedral square. Grosseto is a lively medium-sized city, situated on the edge of the province, just a few miles from the seaside. It consists of an old historical center, enclosed by a protective fort wall, outside of which the modern city lies: The areas of Barbanella, Gorarella and Verde Maremma.
Undoubtedly among the most important monuments is the cathedral or Duomo, constructed in 1200, with its characteristic white and rose colored marble facade, important masterpieces within as the fountain for baptism, the altar by the architect Ghini, and a table portraying the Virgin Mary by Matteo di Giovanni.

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