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Flora and fauna

On the Island is a very arked flora, and many examples typical of a semi tropical climate such as Bouganville, gorse bushes, palm trees, indian figs, tropical flowers, wild orchids ect ect...
In 1900 the botanist Somier listed almost 700 varieties of plants amongst which some are species found only on the Island. The best period for enjoying the abundance of flora is from March to June when the explosion of colour and intense parfume captivates the tourist who can only wonder at the immerse beauty around him. Giglio owes it's name to the presence in past times of numerous goats which are almost extinct, we can however admire some examples of "mufloni" (a wild goat similar to a steinbeck), wild rabbits and some rare species: the Discogloss Sardo (Frog) and the Hawk Pellegrino, the imperial crow and amongst the marine birds the Royal Seagull and the Corsican Seagull and the Cormorant.
Amongst the reptiles we find the lizard Campestre, and the "biacco" (snake) whereas Vipers and other poisonous reptiles do not exist on the Island.

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