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Legend has it that the Tuscan Archipelago had its origins when a necklace slid from the neck of Venus, the Goddess of beauty and love, and fell into the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
This delightful story surely holds a grain of truth, for there is no doubt in my mind that islands of the Archipelago are truly fragments of paradise. Few other tourist resorts in the world can boast such rich and varied scenery within such a small area: the underwater terrain is the delight of scuba divers, mountains are circled by centuries-old forests, beaches and inlets are set against typical Mediterranean vegetation, and small hill towns nestle in a timeless tranquillity. There is something to suit every visitor whether it is practising their favourite sport, exploring the Archipelago in discovery of its history, culture and gastronomy or simply enjoying the sea and the sunshine. The islands have an ancient tradition of hospitality.
Every holiday season, we are pleased to offer this hospitality to our visitors. We are quite sure that their first stay will not be their last.