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Marina di Campo is located between the massif of Mount Capanne and the central mountains of the island, where the plain reaches the sea; immediately after a wide pine forest, the gold sandy beach along this coast is the largest of Elba. The ancient part of the village is situated on the south-west side, at the foot of the promontory which divides it from Galenzana. Until the early '50 the village was a small fishery harbour, gathered between the sea and the vineyards on the hills, but today "Campo" has an important rule in the island economy: its splendid location has been helpful for the invreasing of tourism.
Few km from the centre, in La Pila place, there's the only airport of the Tuscan Archipelago. Althoug the municipality was born only in 1894, Marina di Campo area is inhabited since ancient times: the remains of some graves discovered near Castiglione Hill date back to the II millennium B.C.; the ruins on the top of the hill probabily belong to one of the Etruscan fortresses built from the V century B.C. to defend the rich iron mines on the island. After the drop of the Roman Empire the village was abandoned for the raids of Saracen pirates, until the island annexation at Pisa Republic (XII century). Most of the defensing structures and Romanesque churches of the District belong to that period. San Mamiliano Church (X century) is antecedent, while the Tower that controls the bay from the south side of the harbour dates back to the XVI century.

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