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Built on the slopes of Mount Capanne, Marciana is one of three municipalities on western Elba. The municipality is spread over an area of 45 square kilometres, boasting some of the most enchanting hamlets on the island. Pomonte, Chiessi, Colle d'Orano, Patresi, Zanca, Sant'Andrea, Maciarello, Poggio and Procchio are real corners of paradise, with their scenic qualities still intact. The last examples of Elba's age-old agricultural tradition survive in these sunny hamlets, embraced by luxuriant and extraordinarily colourful greenery, protected by the powerful granite heights of the Capanne mountain range and overlooking a crystalline sea.
In these parts it is still possible to admire all that remains of the terraces clinging to the slopes and cultivated with vines, lovingly looked after by the old generations of local townspeople. Marciana is the realm of Mother Nature, who indulges herself in marvellous expressions in the sea and in the hills. Chestnut and holm oak woods cover the slopes and heights with a brilliant green cloak, offering the sight of a typical mountain environment all year round, while Mediterranean scrub reign in the lower zones. Its origins date back to 35 B.C. The walls were built by the Pisans around 1000 as a defence against the Saracen pirates. The town then passed into the hands of the Appiani of Piombino whose house, the 12th century fortress and the Zecca, a cove where coins appear to have been minted, remain. The Museum houses archeological findings that go from the Paleolithic to the Etruscan, Roman and Pisan period.
From the Belvedere, the square at the town entrance, visitors have a wonderful view of terraced vineyards, holm oaks and chestnut woods sloping down towards the sea. Vegetation, rocks, sea and human presence merge into a perfect whole and the beauty of these places is really overwhelming. It fills the sight and soul, and it is difficult, if not impossible, to never return to Marciana, for the rapture is total.


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