Via San Gaetano, 23 - Capo Sant'Andrea
57030 - Marciana (LI)
Tel.: (+39) 0565 908210
Fax: (+39) 0565 908253

Position: Panoramic - 200 m from the sea

Hotel Cernia Isola Botanica

Ristorante Cernia Isola Botanica

The food is intimate language, by choice, because, attraversandoci, creates a bond deep emotions and rekindles memories exceeds the linguistic and cultural differences, unites us being together, savoring. The good kitchen becomes the form important communication can convey "good vibes" and tell to the best of his land.



In the kitchen we will try to use as much as possible raw materials that are an expression of our territory, starting in the first place from fruit and vegetables from the garden of Grouper is able to donate. Collect wild herbs that grow in the meadows generous, while the fish will have the scent of the sea. The Grouper restaurant is not open to hotel guests only, but to all those who want to experience taste here.