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Capoliveri is situated on the slope of a hill, at the foot of Monte Calamita. In passed times the economical life of the centre dipended on agricoltural and mineral activities. Once the Calamita mines were closed people of Capoliveri dedicated successfully to Tourism. Capoliveri has ancient origins and its name seems to be derived from Latin Caput Liberum. In Medieval times the village was fortified by Pisans in order to difend themselfs from the attacks of Saracens, the pirates that used to threaten the archipelago. The ruins of San Michele Church, in romanic-style, where in 1376 Pope Gregorio XI officiated at Mass, testify as well the Pisans culture. Today there is nothing left except the apse of the former Church, now part of the cemetery.
At South there is a road leading to the Morcone and Pareti Bays and towards the so-called Lover's Bay (Cala dell'Innamorata). Still not many years ago they were small fishing and rural centres. Not to be missed the Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie nearby.
With the recent development in the tourist industry, Capoliveri and the bays have become well equipped resorts with a wide possibility of choice in the hospitality sector.

The Legend of Innamorata

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