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Historic Centre of Florence
World Heritage Site UNESCO

Historical Survey - The origins of Florence probably date back from several centuries B.C. Later it became a Roman colony. In the Middle Ages, Florence released itself from feudal government quite early and became a free city that was already flourishing by the early XIII century. The city's growth continued unhindered from that time on, in both the artistic-cultural fields as well as juridical-social and politican to reach its peak in the Medici rule that gave Florence a splendor that was to last more than three hundred years. We must also mention the exceptional trading relations Florence enjoyed with the rest of europe. In fact, this provided the basis for the Medici's wealth and power. It was during that same period that the grew enormously. Florence is set in the Arno valley, amidst a circle of harmonious hills. The spots to enjoy this view are: Piazzale Michelangelo, immediately overlooking the city; Forte di Belvedere, Fiesole, Bellosguardo and the road lead into the city from the Via Bolognese, where it narrows between the Fiesole hill and Monte Rinaldi. The austere greatness of the Florentine Middle Ages flowed into the classic serenity of the Renaissance. From Dante to Machiavelli, from Giotto to Brunelleschi, from Masaccio to Donatello, from Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo, Florence was the most active center of Italian through and art. This great past has left incomparable marks on the city's outer appearance as well as inside its archives, libraries, museums and galleries. The city centere consists of Piazza del Duomo (the square facing the cathedral of Santa Maria del Flare) built in Florentine-Gothic style between the XIII-XIV centuries.
The splendour of Florence is also indebted to its capacity for accommodating its guests with possibility of choosing.

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