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The territory of Sassetta is of a rare beauty and has never been taken for granted, the woods that surround the medieval village, mostly comprised of chestnut and holm oaks, are rich, fascinating and mysterious, a fascination singularly tied to this beautiful area and at the same time rugged and unpassable. It is this that perhaps characterises best Sassetta and its surroundings, a beautiful wildness nearly primitive. The village centre is situated above red marble spurs preserve the traces of ancient history. Many powerful families came to dominate Sassetta, the most ancient of these are the Pannochia of the Pisana family of Orlandi who dominated this place for about four centuries.
In 1405 Sassetta followed the destiny of many castles, who passed under the power of Florence, when the family of the Gherardesca, who in those years excersised rights over the castle, accepted the act of submission to the Fiorentine Republic. The historical centre, dominated by the castle, is formed by continuous interwoven alleyways and passageways which terminate often in marvelous closes that give a strong sensation of serenity and peace, and that makes Sassetta an ideal place to reclaim the natural dimension of things that we are always at risk of losing.

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