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The comune of Rosignano Marittimo extends on the coast strip with the tipical scenery with the mediterranean mark, with cliffs rising from the sea and large beachs. Other capitals in the region, include a medieval center situation on the hill, also there are six other cities these three are on the coast: Vada, Rosignano Solvay, Castiglioncello and three in the hills: Castelnuovo Misericordia, Gabbro, Nibbiaia.
Rosignano Marittimo is the ideal place for a holiday: here people can relax, discover a lot of interesting historical aspects, enjoy themselves and always be close to nature. Near Rosignano Marittimo you can visit Castelnuovo della Misericordia, Gabbro and Nibbiaia which offer you several nice restaurants and locals to taste the typical dishes of the area and meet a lot of new interesting people. In Rosignano there are many periodical events. Don't miss the exhibitions and festivals organized in the city and nearby towns during the year; you will discover the history, the culture and traditions of Tuscany and its territories. From a geological point of view Rosignano is made up of vulcanic and calcarous stones: this is the reason why a lot of quarries can be found here. Fine is the name of the main river while Poggio Pelato is one of the highest hills in the area (378 metres above sea level). On its top there are any trees.

Rosignano Solvay - The coastline is characterised by seaside bathing establishments and, to the south, there are the famous "spiagge bianche" (white beaches). There are also plenty of areas of greenery along the avenues and in the large, gardens, parks and pinewoods. The Solvay Societys chemical factory is located in the industrial area; in 1913, it purchased the land for constructing its plant for the production of soda. In March 1917, the industrial centre of Rosignano officially became a new urban reality, acquiring the title of "Solvay" and the consequent separation from the historical centre which was to take on the title of Marittimo.

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