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For a good knowledge of Piombino, it is necessary to appreciate the strict relationship between the town and the sea land. This means to overstep the modern part of the town linked to the harbour and the factories and discover the old city center facing one of the most suggestive sea view of the Tyrrhenian coast. From the ancient heart of the center we discover the blue water of the channel of Piombino, the Isle of Elba and the other small isles along the line of horizon. The same marvellous relationship with the sea is present along the whole coast from Piombino to the Gulf of Baratti, through a natural landscape which offers a Mediterranean uncontaminate maquis in the upper part and several bays and beaches between rocks and a crystalline sea in the lower part. In Piombino the historical center at the end of a headland surrounded by a crystal water shows several prooves of its famous past.
Since 1399 for a long time the Appiani family dominated this land firstly as Lords and later as Princes; at their court they invited great artists such as Guardi the author of the most important works in town Leonardo da Vinci which, at the beginning of the 16th century stayed twice in Piombino and carried out drawings and projects that today are preserved in Madrid. Later on, the town was controlled by Napoleones sister, named Elisa Bonaparte (married name Baciocchi); in this period Piombino lived flourishing years before being included in the Granduchy of Tuscany and finally in the kingdom of Italy.

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