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Costa Fiorita, among green bile and hlue,cea, includes some of the most suggestive and exclusive Italian resorts, boasting important historical, cultural and tourist traditions.
Castiglioncello is the heart of Costa Fiorita. International and famous tourist town grants "Elite" holidays and hosts very important personages of politic, culture and actors loving its rocky seaside, the romantic beaches and the luxuriant pinewovds. It is a promontory reaching out into the Tyrrhenian Sea with such impetus that, with a little imagination, it almost seems an island. It is a bathing and climatic resort, covered with pinewoods, sheltered by cliffs and hills right down to the sea with inlets, cover and sandy beaches with rocks. It lies exposed from cast to west, on the sun daily route, illuminated and warmed until sunset.
As a consequence, here the holiday last longer, newer and more varied because the natural surroundings have so many facets to discover. Pines, ilexes and rocky cliffs softened by vegetation make unique this country, that is interrupted only by the whiteness of romantic villas. Man is the centre of this place and fills a leading role. Mass tourism will never gain a foot-hold bere, warded off by natural forces and a traditional and unwritten law, that has been handed down and never broken. To this end, a lot of people bave come to stay bere: Etruscans, Romans and Medicis, until these days with important names of culture, politic, and cinema like Pirandello, Mastroianni, Sordi, Visconti, Gassman, Zeffirelli, Spadolini who had built bere their houses. A particular mention is dedicated to one of the most important artistical current of 800's: "i Macchiaioli e la Scuola di Castiglioncello": Fattori, Sernesi, Lega, Signorini, Borrani, Corcos, Cabianca, who made famous this beautiful resort through their pictures.

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