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San Donato in Poggio originated in Roman times and, up to 1033 was recorded as a castle. Today, of the castle there remains only part of the walls, two entry gates (Porta Fiorentina and Porta Senese) and a few towers of which the bell tower called Campanone and the Torrino dominate the valley.
Today San Donato in Poggio still preserves intact its original structure with its characteristic streets winding between the houses. In the main square there is the Renaissance building, the Palazzo Malaspina and the Gothic church of Santa Maria della Neve.
The small church, the Pieve di San Donato in Poggio is one of the few in the Florentine countryside which still preserves its original Romanesque layout which has undergone some restoration work since 1870. The church, with its three naves and three apses, has the lack of ornamentation which is typical of the Romanesque style. Of particular interest is the terracotta christening font by Giovanni della Robbia (XVIth century).

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