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Situated on a hilltop between the rivers Greve and Ema, it is famous for its terracotta tiles. The rooves of the buildings of Florence are covered with Impruneta (terracotta) tiles and even Brunelleschi used them to cover the Dome of the cathedral.
The village appears to nestle around the majestic and graceful basilica of Santa Maria (XIth cent.) which in spite of numerous restorations throughout the centuries has managed to maintain all its fascinations as a romanesque church. There you can see the crucifix attributed to Giambologna and several majolicas of Della Robbia.
Standing next to the Basilica there is the modern but nonetheless interesting Museo di Arte Sacra (museum of sacred art). In the surrounding area the beautiful Antinori and Mezzomonte villas are also of interest.


Also in the hospitality sector, Impruneta will be able to satisfy all your requirements, maintaining its tradition and simplicity intact.

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