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Ustica Island is 67 km far from Palermo which province it belongs to. Appreciated tourist and bathing locality, Ustica Island is one of the most ancient volcanic isles rising out of depths of the sea. It is full of indented coasts, inlets and bays which open into splendid grottoes which sometimes can be reached only by ships. Ustica Island catches up all the year from Palermo, with the hydrofoil or the ship that complete the travel respective in 75 minutes and two hours and thirty. From June to September Ustica Island is connected also to Naples, Favignana and Trapani from the hydrofoils (time of travel from Naples 3 hours and 45 minuteren). The municipality has an area of 810 hectares. It rises on flat area and is 238 metres a.s.l. Typical is the "round on boat of Ustica", organized by local people. During the trip it is possible to visit several grottoes scattered all over the isle.

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