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Valley of the Temples

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The Valley of the Temples is a very wide archaelogical complex dated back at the Magna Grecia, sited in surroundings of Agrigento.
Since 1997 is UNESCO world heritage site.
The Temples Valley is composed by seven temples(the principals are five, the secondaries are two), fortifications and many necropolies.

Principal ones:
Temple of Juno - Dedicated to the greek goddess Era Lacinia(Juno), Zeus' wife, was built in the V century b.C. and was burst in the 406 by the Chartaginians. There were celebrated the weddings. It is an Italian national monument.
Temple of the Concord - built in the V century is considered one of the holy buildings of the classical era most importants in the grecian world. The name derives from a latin inscription found in the surroundings.It is an Italian national monument.
Temple of Heracles - the most ancient, it was dedicated to to veneration of the god Heracles (or Hercules).
Temple of Jupiter of Olympus - Built to honour the god with the same name after the victory of the 480 b.C. on the Chartaginians.
Temple of the Dioscuri - Built to honour the two twins sons of Sparta and Jupiter(Castor and Pollux). It is the symbol of the Agrigento.

Secundary ones:
Temple of Vulcan - dates back to V century.
Temple of Aesculapius - Built far from the walls of the city, it was a place of pilgrimage for the ill persons who were looking for healing.

A thing to remember: next to the Porta Aurea there is the Terone tomb too, the tyrant which ruled Akragas(488 b.C.-472 b.C.)

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