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Syracuse and the Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica
World Heritage Site UNESCO

Syracuse is the perfect spot to travel to: a gorgious city, a relaxing one, where the coexistence and overlapping of cultures and styles and depth of Sicilian and Mediterranean history brightly spread out before the eyes even of the most uncultured of travellers.
The classical as well as the early Chritian world, the life that Arabs and Jews spent in the city (the labyrinth of narrow streets that can suddenly widen out, the courtyards inside the old houses), the remains of Gothic, Catalan - and in any case, Spanish-type - architecture, every age indeed of Sicilian, Mediterranean and European history are there represented in a way which is suggestive, not isolated as monuments and traces of a forgotten world are, not remains of a past, the echo of which reaches historians only, but in a kind of vital fusion and continuity: as if everything mingled with everything else in the most complex and widest - although sudden - concept of Baroque.

Ortigia - Is the historical heart of the town. There are fewer archaeological sites exposed to view here (the island has been heavily built-up ever since the time of the Greeks), but this is the part of Siracusa you're likely to be wandering around after you've done the mainland points of interest. The island is a pleasant place to wander, and much of its charm lies in wandering down the narrow medieval lanes, past romantically-crumbling Baroque and medieval palaces and churches.

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