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Initially the name of Ispica was Ispra, changed then during the roman age in Ispicae Fundus. In the medieval period it changed newly in Spaccaforno until arriving today. This wonderful citizen is situated in the part more orients to Ragusa and it is 6 km away from the sea.
The Ispica centre is characterized from palaces, churches and straight ways. To see: the Church Mother, the Bruno Palace to Belmonte said also Alfieri, center of the Town hall, the Monument to the Fallen and the Church of S. Maria Maggiore.
Very important are also the archaeologicals zones: the Park of the Force and the Cava d'Ispica reachable through the one hundred scales dug in the cliff. After the earthquake of 1693 that caused the most serious damages, Ispica was reconstructed in one elevated position more.
The zone of Ispica comprises also famous beaches of Saint Maria of the Focallo and Ciriga, the natural oasis of the Panatano Longarini and the archeological part of Punta Castellazzo. They are all zones of great tourist attraction. The event more important to Ispica is the Saint Week.

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