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Santa Croce Camerina is located in a flat area on the slopes of the Iblei mountains, not far from the seaside resort towns of Casuzze, Kaucana and Punta Braccetto. Over the past few years, the location has seen a significant development in tourism, thanks most of all to its marvellous beaches, the crystal clear sea, the climate and, not forgetting of course, also the vast selection of accommodation facilities available.
The most widespread forms of art are the religious architecture and the Liberty style buildings; for example, the 13th century Mother Church which, in its interior, preserves a copy of Caravaggio's Madonna di Loreto and a statue of St. Joseph. In Liberty style there are palazzo Pace, palazzo Morgana and palazzo Risa, whereas, Palazzo Caratello is in late Baroque style. Santa Croce Camerina offers a large variety of archaeological sites. On the way to Pozzallo, between Punta Secca and Casuzze you can see the Caucana ruins, where an Archaeological Park has recently been established. The remains of some ancient Greek houses are particularly interesting, such as the house of the Inscription, the house of the Merchant and the house of the Altar, thus named following the finding of an altar in the centre of its courtyard. Other remains have survived still to be seen in the present day, such as the circle of walls of the Athenaion, the temple of Athena dating from the 4th century B.C, parts of the port and a few necropolises, such as those of Marinaio and Randello.
At Santa Croce Camerina, there is the Antiquarium which preserves the remains of the surrounding areas; thanks to these findings, it has been possible to reconstruct a plan of the town, which must have been one of the best examples of town-planning in the 4th century B.C.

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